Take a Local View

It is no surprise that Lake Tahoe is a destination loved and enjoyed by many, has been for years and will continue to be adorned for many more.  From when Mark Twain once called Lake Tahoe “the fairest picture the whole earth affords” until recently when awarded “Best Lake” by USA Today Travel in August 2012, Lake Tahoe’s popularity has been unwavering.  It has proven to be a timeless, all seasons playground to all generations.

The year I was born, my family purchased a cabin in North Lake Tahoe as a family vacation home and surprisingly, this is where I have returned to live today.  I was lucky to have fallen in love early with Lake Tahoe as I visited it frequently with my family and friends over the years. To me, Lake Tahoe it is full of childhood memories where I learned how to ski, swim at the beach, hike, backpack and later snowboard.  Then, in 2009 after getting married on the shores of Lake Tahoe, I decided to live here permanently and make Lake Tahoe my home.

Prior to living in Lake Tahoe, I spent almost a decade in Maui, Hawaii (my other favorite destination) where I learned the privilege and distinction of being named a “local”.  In the Hawaiian language they even have their own name for it, “kama’aina” meaning “child of the land” for those people local to the Hawaiian Islands.  This experience taught me that there is something extremely special about what goes into being named a “local” to a destination.  Having worked in tourism hospitality over the past decade, I have found joy in planning the vacations of many guests, friends and family to ensure that they experienced the very best of the locations that they visited which I was lucky enough to call home.

When visiting a new place, I think “local advice” is the best advice as these persons hold the key to what makes their destinations truly special. Thus, the purpose of my blog is to explore Lake Tahoe and share my experiences with you from the viewpoint of a local living here everyday, throughout all of the seasons of the year.  Along my journey, I hope to share with you my favorite places, activities, restaurants, events, businesses, local insider-tips and of course meet some of the remarkable locals that live here.  I welcome any feedback, sharing of your own recommendations, questions about the destination (need an answer? I will find out for you!) as we discover together what makes Lake Tahoe the “Best Lake” in America.


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