Tough Mudder: Recruiting Lake Tahoe

Tough Mudder Lake Tahoe

You wanna be a what? Last year my colleagues and I sat around learning about this event called Tough Mudder which was returning to Lake Tahoe.  We jumped on their website to educate ourselves and instantly discovered we were stepping into unchartered waters.  Images of obstacles with names such as “Braveheart Charge”  “Everest” and oh yes, even “Arctic Enema” came before us.   Guessing others out there are also new to this athletic phenomena and thought I’d share some information I’ve learned.  And why should you care?  Because it’s coming back to Lake Tahoe not just once, but TWICE this year!

Designed by British Special Forces with events worldwide, Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile obstacle courses “to test all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie”.  Ok, so you might be thinking… 10-12 mile obstacle course, piece of cake what’s so hard about that?  Let the names of popular obstacles along the course paint a better picture for you, they include things such as “”Fire Walker”, “Ball Shrinker”, “Electroshock Therapy” (unfortunately, this is what you think) and “Walk the Plank”.  Learn more  about the various “badass” Tough Mudder obstacles on their website.  Basically, this competition has it all from extreme tests of athleticism, team costumes, ragging parties, fierce competition and yes, as its name suggests plenty of mud.

Still can’t picture what this is all about?  Watch this video created by Tough Mudder to learn more:

So why would anyone do this?  It’s all about the teamwork.  Competitors must accomplish every challenge and complete the obstacles as a team.  The goal is to ensure that “no one gets left behind”.  This is my kind of competition.  Not only does this framework result in extraordinary individual accomplishments and team building, but also promotes a more celebratory environment than an individual-style competition.  Before starting each event, all competitors even recite the Tough Mudder Pledge.

Another cool thing about the Tough Mudder competitions is that they support the Wounded Warrior Project which provides assistance to military returning from service.  Tough Mudder participants have raised over $5 million to date towards the Wounded Warrior Project through a variety of ways.  You can even earn individual refunds towards your entry price by raising funds.

Hopefully by now I have convinced you this event is awesome.  Over the last few years, Squaw Valley and Northstar California hosted annual events and it was recently announced that Northstar California will host two events this upcoming year.  Event dates are scheduled as follows:  Saturday, July 13th and Sunday, July 14th and September, 28th and Sunday, 29th.  My advice – recruit a team and register early!  Tickets sell-out, especially on the Saturday events and the tickets increase as dates approach.  Good news is you can catch a  deal for Sunday and Fall events if you are still on the fence (no pun intended). Go register!

Not ready to become a Tough Mudder yourself but want to witness the madness?  Spectator tickets are also available for $20 in advance online or $40 at each event.  So worth it.

Lake Tahoe has always been an extreme adventure mecca and thanks to the recent addition of Tough Mudder to the agenda, it just keeps getting better!  Just another reason Lake Tahoe is the Best Lake in America.  Be sure to swing by Northstar California  to compete or spectate and check out what this whole thing is about.  Either way you are guaranteed some lively entertainment!

Are you tough enough?  Whether you want to participate or have already competed, share with us in the comments your motivations and experience.

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6 thoughts on “Tough Mudder: Recruiting Lake Tahoe

  1. Yes, you definitely get dirty but its very fun, even if just to watch. Quite unique and unlike any other event I have seen. Check it out this year at Northstar as a spectator, clean of any mud!

  2. It would be awesome to do a Tough Mudder in Tahoe . . . . .my cousin did a NorCal version and LOVED IT! Out of curiosity, how did you do the social media buttons on the right of your page?

    • Hi Mainland Kama’aina! I hope you do Tough Mudder this summer, there will be two offered so if you miss the July event you can always sign up for September! Hmmm, I custom created the social media buttons on the side in the widget tool. I was able to link to images I found. Hope that helps a bit.

  3. Is it possible to do the tough mudder alone? If not, is there a place/forum of sorts where I can find others who can accept another person like me?

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