About Robin

I am a Lake Tahoe local, living in beautiful North Lake Tahoe.  I am passionate about travel, especially the discovery of unique destinations, foods, cultures and activities uncovered through interactions with locals living in these destinations.

I am a Public Relations, Social Media Marketing & Travel Industry Professional who has worked in luxury hospitality for the past decade in resort destinations including Maui, Hawaii and Lake Tahoe. My previous travel and living experiences include:  Asia, Europe, Caribbean, Canada, Central America and North America.

I am currently completing my Masters in Business Administration at the University of Nevada, Reno with a course focus in Marketing, Business Management and Strategic Leadership.

Watch this video and learn a bit more about me and why I love Lake Tahoe!  Plus, I will even take you around the Lake and show you some of the most popular sites.  Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “About Robin

  1. Wow, Robin….I really enjoyed your video about Lake Tahoe! I will be attending a wedding in Incline Village in Sept., and am
    very excited about seeing the area! I live in New Jersey, and am currently researching for places to stay for 4 nights. I am wondering if anyone can tell me about staying at the Parkside Inn or Pepper Tree Inn. (two places I have been considering
    and which are within our budget). Also thinking about renting a one bedroom house or cottage. We will rent a car. Of course Parkside wiould be right near the wedding. Is traveling around the Lake easy or does it get congested in Sept? Any other suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated? We are ‘young’ senior citizens! Thank you for
    any replies.

    • Hi Karen, Thank you sincerely for your feedback and I am thrilled that you enjoyed my video. I would love to assist you with answering questions regarding your upcoming visit to Lake Tahoe in September! September is often considered the favorite summer month amongst locals because we still enjoy beautiful summer weather and all of its activities, but with smaller crowds as kids go back to school. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with wither of those hotel accomodations but I can ask around. I do recommend renting a house or cottage as those could be great options in Incline Village as well as the Hyatt which is on the Lake. Yes, I definitely recommend taking the drive around the Lake in September as the traffic should be light and try to avoid a weekend day if possible. Check out my previous post Lake Tahoe – The “Most Beautiful Drive in America”!” to learn more about the trip around the Lake! Also, follow my blog for more tips about summertime travel and activities in Lake Tahoe!

  2. Thank you, Robin, for your reply. I just viewed the other post you mentioned and am
    going to download the ‘drive around the lake’ map. Can’t wait to actually do it! I will
    be following your posts looking for more great suggestions and info.

  3. Great job on your video, Robin! I noticed you got married at Edgewood. I got married at Edgewood in 2004. A deep love for Lake Tahoe is binds many of us around here together. Looking forward to keeping up on your blog and keeping Tahoe the best lake!

    • Thank you so much Tiffany! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support and sharing of my video – I will be completely honest, I am new to video and it isn’t my strong suit. I love that you also got married at Edgewood. I think it is the perfect wedding venue on Lake Tahoe, especially in the summertime. Future post with more details to come! Thank you for following my blog and I hope to see you in Reno or Tahoe soon!

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