Midsummer Night Dreams Come True!

IMG_1909Picture yourself sitting in a beach chair, your toes in the sand, sipping on a glass of your favorite wine while you nibble on tasty cheese and crackers, listening to the waves clap against the sand in the background.  Just another day at the beach in Lake Tahoe?  No way!  Instead you are sitting amongst an audience under the stars at Sand Harbor State Park enjoying a live performance of William Shakespeare’s as part of Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival.  And the best part, you don’t even have to be a fan of Shakespeare’s work to have an extraordinary time.

Last year marked my first visit to the amphitheater at Sand Harbor where I immediately became enchanted by the venue and its magical performance full of music, singing, costumes, theater and even… a dog amongst the cast members in last year’s rendition of Two Gentlemen of Verona.  Upon return home that evening, I jumped online and quickly purchased tickets to return to the performance later in the season since I had such a remarkable time.  Even my husband loved going and Shakespeare is not his typical cup of tea.

Each year the cast at Sand Harbor performs a different Shakespeare classic.  This upcoming summer they will feature one of my all-time favorites, A Midsummer Night’s Dreama perfect fit for this venue along the shores of Lake Tahoe.  A famous Shakespearean classic, this comedy celebrates the story of love, mischief and magic. Not your traditional screening, this season’s Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival’s rendition is inspired by a rock ‘n’ roll infused 1960s London culture which is sure to be the biggest craze in Lake Tahoe this summer.  I can’t WAIT to go see it.

So I realize that there may be some of you that I haven’t yet convinced.  That you may still be traumatized from your high school English teachers when it comes to anything Shakespeare related.  Don’t worry, you can still enjoy this remarkable venue which offers a wide variety of performances all summer long.  Others include:  The Reno Philharmonic Orchestra’s performance of Broadway on the Beach, the Reno Chamber Orchestra’s performance of Classical Music Under the Stars with the Nevada Chamber Music Festival at the Lake, the Sierra Nevada Ballet’s rendition of Coppelia,  The Jazz Soul of Porgy and Bess by the Reno Jazz Orchestra, Les Miserables in Concert performed by TOCCATA and the 2013 Lake Tahoe Summerfest.  Talk about a line-up.

The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival performances run from mid-July through the end of August and are presented on a stage whose backdrop is Lake Tahoe along the East Shore at Sand Harbor State Park.  The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival is a nonprofit organization established for the cultural benefit and entertainment of all visitors and residents to the region.  It began in 1972 and was originally hosted at Sugar Pine Point State Park on the opposite side of Lake Tahoe until four years later it was relocated to Sand Harbor State Park where it has been held ever since.

The venue includes a large amphitheater with stadium seating amongst the sandy hillside overlooking Lake Tahoe.  Facilities include ample parking, restrooms and delicious culinary options provided by Brimm’s catering, a full-bar and even table service depending on which section you purchase your seats.  You can learn everything that you need to know about the venue including seating maps and how to book your ticket’s on the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival website.

Have you been to the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival before? Which Shakespeare play or live concert performance would you like to see at Sand Harbor State Beach this summer?  Share your experiences in the comments below.

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